The Innkeeper by Larry D. Thomas
Price: $12.00
The Ballad of Slim Angel by Lawrence Welsh
Price: $10.00
Heaven of Ashes by Johnny Payne
Poetry. 53 pages.
Price: $16.00
After by Joe Benevento
Price: $10.00
a un paso de juárez/one step from juárez by Joseph Avski
non-fiction. bilingual
Price: $14.00
Descent by Carolina Monsivais
Price: $15.00
Llamar al agua por su nombre/ Calling Water by Its Name by Laura Cesarco Eglin. Translated by Scott Spanbauer
Poetry. Bilingual.
Price: $15.00
Split Geography by Adela Najarro
Poetry. 47 pages. soft bound
Price: $12.00
VASSAL by Johnny Payne
Poetry. 69 pages. Softbound
Price: $16.00

PULP by Celina Villagarcia
Poetry. 53 Pages. Soft Bound
Price: $14.00

Aguacamino/Waterpath by Rossy Evelin Lima
Poetry. 72 pages.
Price: $14.00

Ocelocíhuatl by Xánath Caraza
bilingual poetry
Price: $16.00

The Promise of Rust by Hari Alluri
Price: $10.00

Laura Cesarco Eglin
La marea, el río, el oleaje y la lluvia, es agua entrando y saliendo de estos poemas de Laura Cesarco Eglin. En su libro “Llamar al agua por su nombre” encontramos textos de un vaivén inusual, que se traduce en ritmo que penetra a partir de la fragmentación para llegar a otra manera de ver. Son parte de lo que nombran, resuelven aquello que describen, se derraman, se rehacen y se nutren de si mismos, como el agua que busca expresar con su liquidez la ausencia de forma o las mil formas que podrían definirla. Poemas terrestres de aliento suspensivo, que logran en su conjunto iluminar el enigma de la poesía cuando toma de la naturaleza el paisaje (los árboles, el río, el mar) como reflejo de las praderas musicales e íntimas del pensamiento y la emoción.--Laura Solórzano, Boca perdida, y Lobo de labio
De todas las formas de nombrar el mar, las nubes, la lluvia, el amor, de todas las formas de expresar los avatares, la riesgosa aventura de ser, Laura Cesarco Eglin procura aquellos vocablos secretos que evocan la intimidad humana del agua. Este libro despliega interiores intensos que seducen como un oleaje, paisajes que están vivos en el poema, atmósferas de extraña transparencia que invitan al goce de la profundidad.--Rafael Courtoisie, Todo es poco.

Spider Road
poetry, 93 pages, soft bound
Price: $16.00

by Amalio Madueño

Madueño's poetry is sometimes about what it is like to be brown in America, but underneath it is about what it is like to be. His vision is of an interconnected world; his evocation of place is visceral. Madueño's frame of reference is utterly contemporary even while he reaches back to Yaqui bones and mythologies. These poems are Madueño's windows to a shared dream that we call human experience.-- Larry Barber, screenwriter, producer
Amalio Madueño is a pure poet. You'll see at once his work is playful and as serious as a .45 magnum. of is so huge you smell the New Mexican piñon and thin mountain air. You hear the silver ripple in The buzz never wears off and the only hangover is an ancient and wicked that blurts out in -- Paul Nelson, Founding Director of SLAB, author of A Time Before

furia by ire'ne lara silva
poetry book
Price: $14.00
cover art by Moises S.L. Lara

is a fury of pain and protest, grief and truth, a mad excursion into the howling depths of that which makes us human, able to hate or love or speak....  this collection an exciting blend of styles—from the experimental litanies of words which echo, wrestle, and court each other, to the epic eloquence of works--Even in the darkest of depictions, the reader is drawn in, fed with the rawness and the reality of the emotion, fed with the power of truth.-- Carmen Tafolla, and Salsa, Sonnets to Human Beings, Curandera        
In this musical, lyrical from the heart of survival, the poet loss and grief-- bringing us to the searing cleansing necessary for the soul’s rebirth.  This book is a ceremony for the soul, a ceremony for telling the truth, and surviving.--Deborah A. MirandaIndian Cartography, Deer, The Zen of La Llorona

Those things in life that don’t kill you will make you crazy. Not everyone survives. But here is a from one who did. I envision Rimbaud, sitting sockless in a dark cantina listening to Yolanda Rio on the jukebox and thumbing through these pages, cringing in twisted delight.-- Levi Romero, In the Gathering of Silence, A Poetry of Remembrance: New and Rejected Works

Swagger is a Woman
Poetry Book
Price: $14.00

by Cassandra Love
Cover Photo by Kimberly Mowbray

Don’t be surprised to find cocooned in these pages of poetry – tender and sassy by turns – the purest manner of memoir. Cassandra Love’s first book is jam-packed with genuine honesty, anger, passion, and contemplation on growing up mixed-blood and wild at the close of one and surviving to face a cruel new century’s challenge.--Al Young, California Poet Laureate Emeritus

The energy of Cassandra Love's naturally from the spontaneous currents of strength, beauty, and sorrow that accompany the life of a street-smart, independent, reflective young woman, raised in Los Angeles. It is an unexpected delight to find a female poet who writes about sports with the athletic flair playfulness. This collection sparkle like a gem.--Leslie Monsour, The Alarming Beauty of the Sky




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